Surfer dude

I finally finished my son’s robe. I really liked the way his turned out. The outer fabric is a knit with surf boards on it. The inside I chose white terry cloth. And the edging is bright green for a nice contrast. He has some room to grow into it, which will be great for this summer!

Walker Festival

I have been a member of the Walker Festival Committee since 2007. I have opportunities to use my design skills in all sorts of different ways. Last year, I designed a popcorn trailer we acquired. My hope was to have it look like a big box of popcorn – using large popcorn vinyl decals on the windows. But as we are a small community and the materials were donated – we had a smaller budget. All in all, it turned out quite well.

Hand Towel

Here is a new take on the old, knitted, grandma, kitchen towels! I saw on Pinterest someone made these and I had to try it! My friend Kristin is getting married and thought it would be a good wedding gift. While making these I had to learn how to do a buttonhole on my sewing machine for the first time – surprisingly it is not hard at all!

Baby Robe

While browsing Pinterest I found the cutest pattern for a kid’s beach robe. I purchased the pattern from Dana at Made. Instead of doing a terry cloth, I opted for a soft polka dot flannel for the lining and the knit turtle fabric for the outside. This was a 1st birthday present to a special little guy who love turtles. I loved how it turned out and am in the process of making on for my son now who is taking swim classes.


Be sure to check out my work! I just updated my gallery with recent work I’ve done.

Tis’ the season

Christmas is fast approaching and is on my mind almost constantly. This past weekend we had my family Christmas party. Our cousin, Owen, celebrated his first Christmas. Our gift to him was a stocking I had sewn and my aunt embroidered. His reaction was more that I could ask for! He absolutely loved it. I wish I had my video camera there to capture all his expressions. Instead I will share a few photos. Merry Christmas!


Recently, I have been doing a lot of freelance design work for Agent X. They are a fun and very talented group of people. A few weeks ago they gave me probably one of the best, if not the best, clients I’ve had to do work for so far in my career. It was Apple! I designed a job posting for Careerbuilder. Below is a screenshot of it.

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