Birthday Onesie

Above, is a birthday onesie I made for someone I met on Facebook. Her daughter was turning two. She had already made her a tu-tu to wear over this. I cut the fabric out and used my sewing machine to sew onto the onsie. These could be great too for doing each month for a baby’s first year.

Baby Robe

While browsing Pinterest I found the cutest pattern for a kid’s beach robe. I purchased the pattern fromĀ Dana at Made. Instead of doing a terry cloth, I opted for a soft polka dot flannel for the lining and the knit turtle fabric for the outside. This was a 1st birthday present to a special little guy who love turtles. I loved how it turned out and am in the process of making on for my son now who is taking swim classes.


One of the gifts I received for my son was a blanket with ribbons sewed around the edges. Little did I know our son would LOVE this blanket (aka his kiki) and need it with him always. So I decided I needed to make some extras for him for washing days and then thought why not more for gifts! They are really fun to make and here is a glimpse of 2 I have made.

Baby Bird Shower

My best friend is expecting her first child in August and I had the privilege of throwing her a baby shower! They are waiting until the birth to see the gender. SO I had to think of a fun gender-neutral theme. I came up with baby birds.

I chose to print the invites on craft paper to give it the earthy and outdoor look. I picked green as the main color since that is the color of the baby’s room.

Here is the envelope, which you can see the title peek nicely as guests open them.

This is a close-up view of some of the bird mobiles I made out of construction paper and sticks.

I had a lot of fun making the centerpieces. I used more cut out birds, which I hot glued to some sticks and placed them in glass vases filled with spanish moss.

We had a wonderful time at the shower and I can’t wait for baby to be here!

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