Elsie May

My good friend, Megan, recently had a beautiful baby girl. I absolutely love doing baby announcements so I volunteered to help her! The photographer who took the pictures did a great job – thus, it was pretty easy to design around them. Plus, Elise is a super cute baby to boot!

Rosemont Nursery

This postcard I designed for Rosemont Nursery. They are a local, family-owned, highly creative landscaping company. They decided to use Every Door Direct Mail to reach out to the local community and promote some recent landscaping jobs they have done. The highlighted job was on the front of the postcard. The back showcases a range of past landscapes they have completed. All of their jobs can be viewed at SeeThisJob.com.

Walker Festival

I have been a member of the Walker Festival Committee since 2007. I have opportunities to use my design skills in all sorts of different ways. Last year, I designed a popcorn trailer we acquired. My hope was to have it look like a big box of popcorn – using large popcorn vinyl decals on the windows. But as we are a small community and the materials were donated – we had a smaller budget. All in all, it turned out quite well.


Recently, I have been doing a lot of freelance design work for Agent X. They are a fun and very talented group of people. A few weeks ago they gave me probably one of the best, if not the best, clients I’ve had to do work for so far in my career. It was Apple! I designed a job posting for Careerbuilder. Below is a screenshot of it.

For she’s a jolly good fellow

My good friend and old co-worker, Jenn Maine, recently got a job in Detroit at Gyro and is moving there soon! I am so happy and excited for her – although I will miss seeing her often. She is very talented and will do great there. As a gift, I made her an owl pillow of course. She is quite the animal lover and it seemed quite fitting. I had been working on this hand stitched felt owl anyway and thought by turning it into a pillow it would be a perfect new apartment gift. Here’s to you Jenn, love ya.

Pretty Ribbons. Pretty Paper.

I had fun making business cards for my sister-in-law. She makes custom headbands and other hair accessories for little girls. I printed them on some white sparkle paper. They glitter nicely in the light.

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